Performance Testing

Gauge how well your applications respond to varying load conditions. Determine scalability thresholds using automated solutions.The more the number of users on your application, the better it is for your business. The question is; can your application handle the growing number of users? Even more importantly, does the application respond to its users in quick time? We can help you find out exactly where the threshold lies

How well does your system respond to user requests? Does it succumb to increasing load? How scalable is your system’s infrastructure in supporting your increasing client base? Do you have customers complaining that your system speeds irritate them during usage?
Very often, Performance testing is seen as a luxury & in many cases, a liability owing to the costs involved in regular performance testing activities. We believe that if a system has been designed to cater to the needs of multiple users/ multiple sets of users, it must respond to each of those users in a consistently timely manner. Speed & performance of the system cannot be compromised in the process of making the software feature-rich.
  There need not always be complex mechanisms or expensive tools employed to monitor performance of your applications. Our simple automation solutions have even used open source functional automation tools like Selenium to effectively gauge application response times. Our experts have been involved in load testing as part of the services we offer to many of our customers over the years. Many of the applications we have tested for performance and load are being used extensively by thousands of simultaneous users to perform life critical operations on the field.
It is understood that if the application passes through this load, it will work under normal work loads. This is the hardest and most complex category of testing to accomplish. The right choice of tools/utilities is essential to ensure that load or stress related defects are appropriately identified.