Security Testing

Increased sophistication in Software applications has also brought about more advanced techniques to break into them and jeopardize critical and confidential data. Most often, we see that security testing tends to get pushed down the stream as a non-functional testing activity merely intended at value addition.

In Optisource, while we agree that no Software is 100% hack-proof, we also believe in the ideology that countering an attack essentially means going 1 step ahead of the attacker. Our security testing team plays the role of the attacker to precisely find out loop holes within the Software before others do

Optisource methods are simple, straight forward and all-encompassing that combine manual ethical hacking activities and the most efficient automation tools available with strong custom scripting capabilities. The result is detailed and transparent vulnerability and risk assessment reports on the system that reveal its actual security posture. Having critical security flaws being exposed at the regression testing stage provides enough leeway for development teams to analyze and fix them. The advantages are game-changing; The Software is able to withstand attempts to misuse precious system resources or to bring it down altogether, external attackers cannot manipulate the system to behave in undesirable ways and most importantly end users trust the system with their most confidential data. When these are the goals that security testing strives to achieve, it automatically raises its priority to one of the most important phases in testing and certifying Software.