Software Testing

Is the absence of formal and independent QA affecting your product’s quality & stability?
Sometimes teams rely upon developers themselves testing the Software. While it initially is manageable and reduces the cost, as the product features expand testing becomes inadequate. As a result, the Software suffers from poor quality and it also consumes the developer’s precious time on an activity that can be and must be performed by an independent professional team.

Testing is not merely assuring oneself that the program works as designed. It is also to ensure that the Software does not do anything undesirable, works on multiple platforms, browsers and devices even under trying conditions. This requires a formal test environment and a professional independent team.

In Optisource, we have a process driven, result oriented Software quality assurance approach that covers all stages of Software life cycle – initial discovery, development, deployment and maintenance. An approach that does not merely detect defects but also prevents their occurrence right from the initial stages of development. A lean Agile process, experienced human resources backed by management’s commitment to quality ensure that the products undergoing QA emerge robust in quality. The QA approach helps implicit requirements become explicit, vague definitions become mutually understood terms and thereby assist the development team to address every detail of requirements. As Software development runs on limited time and resources, the QA approach optimizes the efforts in such a way that serious and critical defects are detected early. Important Test cases are designed and executed early. The methodology ensures that all QA tasks remain relevant to short term and long term goals of development.

Our processes are agile enough to seamlessly integrate with the current development processes of the client. We can start QA with any kind of available input, be it nil formal requirements or highly structured ones. We can fit the QA into a sprint as short as one week. Our testing covers all aspects of Software – functionality, user interface, security, compatibility, performance etc. We provide testing on multiple operating systems, browsers, databases, mobile devices etc. We have experience testing applications on a variety of domains.